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WHS line Scaleless Heads are here!!!

By admin in Blog on July 18, 2014 -

Many people have contacted me over the last few months with questions about my line of Scaleless Head Ball Pythons. I decided when I first acquired them that I would wait until I actually hatched my first few clutches and proved with out a shadow of a doubt that my male passed his specific mutation on to his offspring both predictably and reliably. Now that I have hatched my first 3 clutches I am more confident than ever that my gene is indeed a predictably inheritable “codom” mutation and it only stands to reason that it will produce a visual scaleless animal when bred together, so much so I am willing to put a full money back guarantee behind them!

So let’s start with the facts-

*There are two known lines of Scaleless Heads, the BHB line that Mike Wilbanks and Brian Barczyk are currently working with which proved last year to produce a healthy scaleless animal when the gene is in its homozygous form, and the WHS line which at the moment has only been produced in its heterozygous form that is phenotypically IDENTICAL with the BHB line.

*I do have an adult female of my line that was growing follicles this year but unfortunately reabsorbed.

*I did not purchase my animals from BHB and while myself and many others believe them to be the exact same gene they are not the same line. Just think Coral Glow/Banana, Butter/Lesser, Lemon Pastel/Graziani Pastel/Citrus Pastel and so on.

Below is a side by side comparison of the BHB line on the left and a WHS Reptiles animal on the right.

*There is a separate morph that seems to fall in the same “complex” but is phenotypically different enough to know its not the same thing, it is possessed by NERD and is being called the Micro Scale.

Below is a side by side comparison of the BHB line Scaleless Head and a WHS Reptiles line Scaleless Head as well as NERDs Micro Scale. As you can see the Scaleless Heads have supralabial heat pits while the  Micro Scale does not.

Last year a local customer that I would describe as a novice hobbyist at best contacted me out of the blue. He told me about a couple of ball pythons that were described as being born with “weird heads” that were having issues with dry sheds on their heads. He knew that Brian had some animals with “weird heads” that were causing a lot of hype at the time and remembered me telling him a story about me passing on another animal just a few months prior that went on to sell for a lot of money. That animal actually turned out to be the Micro Scale which I passed on because it did not share the same traits as any Scaleless Head I had seen and its strange ventral scales had me convinced that it was simply an incubation deformity (turns out I was wrong lol). So he called me thinking I would be a buyer for animals with “weird heads” and looking to cash in.

I had visited BHB several times and was very familiar with the Scaleless Heads and how they looked in person and had been keeping my eye out for anything that looked promising. When I showed up I was shown what was a clutch of baby Ball Pythons that had just gone through their first shed and were not kept anywhere near moist enough. A few of them did indeed have some peculiar stuck shed on their heads and upon closer inspection of the rostal scale and body scales it was beyond obvious what I had found!!!!  Fortunately my customer was convinced that the mutation had come from Dad and that he would have more clutches of them coming soon so he was willing to sell me the whole clutch even the siblings and the Mom. But as soon as he showed me their Mother it was clear to me which parent indeed had passed on the gene!

Many people don’t realize that Scaleless Heads are much like Piebalds in that the level of missing scales can vary any where from just the smallest scale missing to a great many scales missing (think high white and low white Pieds) and Mom was clearly a very low expression girl, I honestly still can not find a missing scale on her head. My theory is that when she was a baby there was probably 1 or 2 visual missing scales but as she aged and her scales plumped up they most likely just cover that area now.  Luckily for me I was fortunate enough to know this type of look well because the original adult female at BHB was this same type of Scaleless Head. I learned from seeing and holding Brian’s original girl in the past and examining her babies that while the head may not appear to be scaleless the  rest of the body does not lie! The rostal scales always have a specific indention and ALL of the body scales are atypical and oddly shaped (though not so much so that they are texturally different as is the case with the Micro Scale).

So long story short I laid out a large sum of money (more than I have ever dreamed of spending on Ball Pythons) and took possession of the Mom and her offspring. My customer went on to hatch all of the clutches that were sired by the Father of my clutch with out ever producing another Scaleless Head. However, he remains very happy with the sale he made to me and we are on good terms.

It goes without saying that I believe in the scaleless project 100% or I would not have taken such a gamble. I think this is the biggest mutation we have ever seen in our industry and I am thrilled to be a part of it!!!!

A few months ago I teamed up with my long time friend Brock Wagner to help me roll out and manage this important project. If you have any interest in acquiring a WHS Line Scaleless Head you can reach out to either Brock or myself via email, text or phone call.

  • admin - July 18, 2014