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Terms and Shipping

Live Arrival

WHS Reptiles guarantees all specimens to arrive alive and healthy. All guarantees are provided that orders shipped to an airport or FedEx hub be picked up promptly, and someone is present to receive the package when shipped to your door. We do not guarantee live arrival on door-to-door shipments during extreme temperatures under 35 or over 95 degrees Fahrenheit unless stated otherwise.


If you are not satisfied, WHS Reptiles will replace an animal or issue a credit for future offspring as long as notification is received within 48 hours from the animal’s time of arrival, and the animal arrives safely back in our care and is in good health. Shipping is non-refundable.

Properly Sexed

All specimens will be properly sexed. Buyer must verify animal(s) to be properly sexed within 48 hours of delivery. We will only address an issue with an incorrectly sexed animal if it’s brought to our attention within 48 hours of delivery. After 48 hours all sales are final as it’s the buyer’s responsibility to confirm the sex of the animal(s) they have purchased.


WHS Reptiles accepts cash, personal checks, cashier checks, money orders, wire transfers, and Visa, Mastercard etc. through Paypal. All checks must clear the bank before shipping takes place. For Paypal please use the following email address:


WHS Reptiles will accept a 25% deposit to place an animal on hold. That deposit is non-refundable.

Payment Plans

WHS Reptiles will do payment plans on orders totaling $500.00 or more.

To start the payment plan process, we require a minimum of 25% of the total price due as a down payment. After receiving the 25% down payment, we mark the animal(s) as sold and you make payments until it’s paid in full. We do not require any set amount of money to be paid on a monthly basis. You pay as you can until the animal is paid in full at which time we arrange shipping. We will never under any circumstances ship an animal out before it is paid in full. The payment plan duration is adjustable as every situation is unique. Please note, when doing a payment plan there will be no refunds on money collected throughout the payment plan. We will gladly extend you credit toward another animal we have for sale or future offspring.