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Scaleless have hatched!!!!

By admin in Blog on July 29, 2016 -

Well, I really don’t know where to start this post. This has been a long time coming with a lot of people saying it would never happen. BUT, it has!!!

We have successfully hatched out a 5 egg clutch from a WHS Pastel Scaleless Head bred to another WHS Pastel Scaleless head. The results were as follows:

  • 1.0 Pastel VISUAL SCALELESS!!
  • 0.1 Super Pastel VISUAL SCALELESS!!
  • 1.1 Scaleless Heads
  • 0.1 pastel

Obviously this is the first time this has ever been done so I could definitely be wrong on what combos they are. But The important thing is that they are 100% healthy!!!!!

The 1.0 Pastel Scaleless was the first in the clutch to emerge from his egg. His yolk was completely absorbed and he cut his own little slits all over the place with his little egg tooth just to show us that he was hatching on his own terms I guess lol.

The 1.1 SH came out the following day and the 0.1 Pastel and a 0.1 Super Pastel Scaleless decided to take their sweet time and came out this morning. The female Scaleless also cut a few of her own slits along the side of the hole I had cut in the egg and absorbed her entire yolk as well. She seems large and happy and healthy. One thing I have noticed is that after coming out of the egg color seems to flood into these animals almost minute by minute. It will be incredible to see what happens after they shed.

I genuinely would like to take a moment to thank Brock Wagner for jumping on board with me so early on in this project and believing in both me and the project itself. I would also like to thank every customer that purchased from us these last two years. I don’t want to list each of you by name because I don’t know who wants to be listed and who doesn’t but believe me I could. I appreciate each of you more than you’ll ever know and both Brock and myself will do the absolute best we can to be good stewards of this project and keep everyone informed as to the health and condition of these two very special animals.

Be sure to stay tuned to WHS Reptiles Face Book page for updates and photos!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • admin - July 29, 2016